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Body Plan
Transport within the Body
Nematodes possess a complete digestive tract running as a tube from the mouth to the anus.
Pseudocoelom and its fluid serves as a blood vascular system and transports nutrients throughout the body.
Gas Exchange
Method of Waste Disposal
Nervous System
Important Distinguishing Feature
Gases diffuse across the cuticle
In some nematodes there are specialized cells that excrete nitrogenous waste. In others there are canals designed for excretion. Some nematodes use both of these systems.
There is a ring of nerve tissue around pharynx and ventral nerve cords running the length of the body.
Male and female are separate (not hermaphroditic) and breed using internal fertilization. The zygotes of most species are resistant cells capable of surviving harsh conditions.
Some nematodes that are free-living play a role in decomposition and nutrient cycling, and other roundworms parasitize animals, one (Trichinella spiralis) causes trichinosis in humans by eating undercooked meat.