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Nonvascular Plants
Nonvascular plants are simplest of all terrestrial types of plants. They have no way of transporting water internally. They don’t make any seeds or flowers. Since they don’t have the woody tissue needed to dwell on land, they reach heights of about 1-2 centimeters only. Mosses are simple rootlike plants that grow in spirals around a stalk. Rootlike threads called rhizoids are what hold them in place. Mosses live in damp environments, yet doesn’t require soil to grow. Mosses make use of the alternation of generations found in the life cycles of some plants to proliferate rapidly and still keep genetic diversity. Liverworts are simple rootless plants like mosses, but they have a flattened “leaf-like” body. The name “liverwort” comes from the idea that they look like livers. They are pioneer plants (don’t need soil) and grow in moist areas like moss.